Exploration Station MKAL – clue 1

Last week the first clue was released for the Exploration Station MKAL. Stephen West’s mystery knit-along for 2014 started a week ago. We had to choose four colours and to start with clue 1. How does it went?


I introduced you already to the Exploration Station MKAL last week. Finally, I decided which colour should be colour A (the main colour) of my four colours.

exploration station mkal stephen west colours color

As usual in colour works, I do a greyscale photo – which is easily made with a smartphone or on the computer.

exploration station - colour choice hue comparison

On the right side of the photo, it’s easier to determine the values of the colours. If it’s there still enough contrast, you can use it for colour work. Of course, you can use colours with less contrast, but you won’t see them so well in your finished project.

For colour A I chose the top colour. This will be also the border colour.


Then I started with the pattern. The right needle setup with a loooooong cable… (I learned that at the last MKAL of Stephen West)

exploration station clue 1 - finished clue 1

Starting at the top centre and with colour A, I started to knit. Then was the first wedge of colour B, two rows of A, a wedge in C, two rows in A and so on…

exploration station clue 1 - detail

The wedges are worked in short rows. There’s no wrap & turn or german short rows with the double stitch involved. You really just turn the work and continue to knit. This results in some holes, which are even more defined by a double yarn over. It reminds me somehow of his pattern called Dotted Rays.

Today the second clue will be released. Stay tuned for the second step on this shawl next week. And for those who are curious, there’s a group on Ravelry about this MKAL.

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