FO – Espadrilles

They are seen all over the world. The trend of the season influenced me to try something new: create my own espadrilles.

espadrilles - tools

At the moment they hang in every store: soles by Prim for espadrilles. There are endless possibilities to create your own shoes. By sewing, crochet, knitting or any combination.

I chose to crochet. The only tools you need are a crochet hook, yarn (preferably cotton), scissors and a pointy sewing needle. Perfect project for your summer holidays.

espadrilles - finished top side

Pattern: by myself
Hook size: 3.0 mm
Yarn: Naturaline, mercerised organic cotton
Yardage: 50 g/ 120 m

espadrilles - triangle transformation

Off course I wanted something unique. The patterns I found on the web weren’t appealing to me. So I had to create something by my own. I tried several forms like squares, rectangles and ended with a triangle. Some crochet stitches around and I had the form I was looking for.

espadrilles - single pieces
Before attaching the pieces to the soles I blocked them in shape. As the soles made of straw I put one layer of fabric over the soles. I fixed them with fabric glue.

espadrilles - heel

With the same colour I attached the pieces to the soles.

These shoes are my favorite summer accessory. They are very comfortable.

Though I blocked into shape, the heel part stretches a lot. The sheet that comes with the soles shows the size for fabrics. Crocheted or knitted pieces are more stretchable. For the next espadrilles I will crochet smaller pieces. But overall, I’m in love with my new shoes. Definitely not the last ones :-)

I posted this project already on Ravelry and in the forums. They were some people who asked for the pattern. What do you think? Should I write down the pattern?

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  1. Erin
    | Reply

    Yes!! Please DO write down the pattern! I would love to make these with my girls and grandgirls!

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      I never wrote a crochet pattern before, but I try it :-)

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