My first custom order: a hat for the Swiss federal councilor

Where can you find a hat with a special motif? Can the motif be professionally embroidered? Or even print the hat? The advantages of handmade can be seen here: the piece can be individually designed for size, colors and motifs.

When my friend came to me with this special desire, I was quite surprised. Wanted was a hat with the Swiss and Swedish flag.

Without knowing the size of the head circumference, I started with the project. So that the motive doesn’t become too coarse, I chose a fingering weight yarn. After a gauge test, I calculated the hat.

The motive came from the client. I reduced the image to five colors in Photoshop: red, white, blue, yellow, and black. With the on-line service for knit and embroidery charts Microrevolt Knit Pro, I have tested the motif size. With this site, you can upload an image and it calculates this in a chart.

The brim was knitted in the rib pattern (1 right, 1 left) in the round. Then the motif was knitted in plain right as an intarsia.

wasa hat stricken mütze knit

First, I tried to knit in the round intarsia, but failed miserably. At Intarsia in the round you knit also back and forth. By the knitting of a back row, you knit suddenly in the middle of the knitted garment in a row above than the rest. I quickly realized for myself that the motive was too complex. So back to the brim.

I made a slit on the back of my hat, so I can knit Intarsia in back and forth. Before the crown was knitted, I closed the slit again and knitted further in rounds. At the end, the slit was closed with the mattress stitch.


Of course, I had to attach one of my new labels (ordered by Dortex) …

wasa hat stricken knit mütze
Day of the economy in the St.Jakobshalle, Thursday 25th of November 2016 in Muttenz . © Photo Dominik Pluess

At an economic event at the end of November, the cap was handed over to the Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer.

A journalist from the Basler Zeitung picked up the cap in his article.

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  1. Corinne
    | Reply

    Cool, jetzt bist du richtig berühmt geworden ;-) Die Mütze sieht super aus vor dem blauen Hintergrund.

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      Ha, wer weiss :-) Das war zumindest ein ungewöhnlicher Auftrag.

      Und Ueli hat die Mütze vor 2’800 Leuten getragen. Hier ein Beweisfoto

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