Travel preparations

About burnout, accident, therapy and other stuff. I tell you more about my plans for recovery.

The past year has choked more than expected. I ignored several physical signals (too) long. At the end of the year I was for a couple of weeks in Cape Town. Everything returned to normal in no time. After my holiday the symptoms have started again and I knew I had to change something. I’ve summarized my courage and quit my job.

Last year we were with the camper in France. The Dune du Pyla and Normandy have pleased me very much. I had never stayed in Normandy – and in many other parts of Europe. So the idea came to discover Europe.

The plan was to travel with the camper through Europe. Conquer the coasts with paragliding and kite surfing equipment. The sports equipment always there. Knitting and spinning stuff included. The main goal for me is to recover and discover what my passions are and where the path leads me.

Sometimes life plays a prank. Two weeks after my dismissal, I had a paragliding accident in which I broke my left shoulder and left wrist. Gone stupid. I no longer had to work afterwards. But my life was marked by physical and occupational therapy.

After four intense months also this time passes. This week are the last therapies and we can begin our journey one month later than planned. At the moment I’m busy with the travel preparations. Looking for a lodger, prepare the flat, muck, deplete foods, swap or sell stash etc.

Grab a motorhome for three months is not so easy. What am I supposed pack for knitting and spinning? This reminds me of the comic that I have drawn.

knit cartoon comic travel preparations

The European tour will be briefly interrupted at the beginning of October. Because on October 3rd and 4th will be held the first wool festival in Switzerland. Hooray! The organizer Fides, which I know from the Stitching Retreat, asked me to hold two courses: “Ravelry – what’s that?” and understanding english knitting patterns. I am looking forward to hold these courses.

When it gets cooler in Europe, it is time to go to the south. Towards the end of the year I’ll be back in Cape Town. Until then there are many things to knit and spin. And I work on some knitting patterns too. We will see :-)

It might come to (even more) irregular posts due to my traveling and therefore irregular internet connectivity. But I’ll keep you updated. Or check my instagram account which is sometimes handier than writing a post.

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