WIP – two socks in one

I like to challenge myself. So I’ve started to knit these socks. The technique is called “two socks in one”.two socks in one - process

One sock inside the other. My actual Work-in-Progress.

With sock knitting, it comes always the “second sock-syndrome”. That means after finishing the first sock you get stuck to knit the second because of e.g. you’re tired of sock knitting or/and you want to knit something else. So my advice is to knit the socks at the same time to avoid this problem. I’ve known already the magic loop method where you have the socks on a circular needle, knitting the socks next to each other. But there’s another method: two socks in one. To learn this technique I’ve taken a lesson at Vogue Knitting Live in Chicago with Kate Atherley.

First, you should try this technique on a baby sock with worsted weight yarn in two different colours. You cast on for one sock with one colour and knit one row (to avoid to twist it). On a spare needle, you cast on the same stitches for the second sock with the second yarn. After that, you slip the stitches of the second yarn between the stitches of the first yarn. So you have this on the needle: yarn A, yarn B, yarn A, yarn B .. etc.two socks in one - detail

how it should look like
source: knitty.com

The next round you knit just the stitches of the yarn B and  slip the stitches of the yarn A. Now you start to knit 1 stitch with yarn A, 1 stitch with yarn B and so on.

I recommend the following things:

  1. try the technique on a test sock with thicker yarn
  2. use variegated yarn, as it’s easier to differentiate between strand A and B
  3. check from time to time if the socks are still separated


3 Responses

  1. Beat
    | Reply

    Absolutely crazy, i will try this maybe in the next life!

    • donnarossa
      | Reply

      it’s actually easier than it looks like :-) the fiddly part is the beginning and the decreases for the heel

  2. Beth
    | Reply

    Bravo on learning something new!

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