From Zero to hero or how you get pranked

The other day I read a lovely post about a Coke advertisement. But for the writer of this post wasn’t it just an advertisement. She got pranked by Coke.

If you have already read my posts from Cape Town, you know that I have visited Carle of Nurturing Fibres. During my visit, she showed me her latest creations. She has launched a new Yarn club in mid-February. The new colors were exactly mine: coral, turquoise and mint. But at the beginning of February I unfortunately had to return again and have thereby missed the launch. I did not want to give up this great colors and did an online research. And I found one shop: Natural Yarns sells Nurturing Fibres yarn. Through her shop, I came across her blog.

Natural Yarns is an online yarn shop, based in Kommetije (South Africa). The owner of the shop Gina blogs and her blog shares also guest posts. In one of these guest posts, Beth writes about her experience being contacted by Coke to teach knitting while wearing Jimmy Choos. But who would have known, it’s not at all about the shoes…

What do you think about this advertisement? How is the knitting sold through this advertising? How do people of the advertising agency think about hobbies such as knitting, fishing or playing bowls?

  1. Beat
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    I don’t like these types of advertisement unless people taking part getting asked whether they want their faces shown together with Coke or not. The Coca Cola Company and other brands found out that guerillia marketing in cooperation with online-media is a cheap way to reach a big audience without investing millions of dollars in expensive print- or TV-campaigns. I hope they paid your friend a couple of hundred bucks for some new balls of wool…

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