Invisible circular cast-on: how to knit from the centre out

The invisible circular cast-on is a great way to begin projects worked from the centre out, like shawls, blankets and hats knitted top-down. Beginning with only a few stitches, it leaves no hole as you knit from the centre out.

Invisible Circular cast on knit by donnarossa

Have you ever tried to cast on a small number of stitches to work from the centre out? Most of the time, people will cast on with a crochet hook, work some chain stitches and join it with a slip stitch. Then they put the sling from the crochet hook to the knitting needle and pick up the stitches. This can get really fiddly.

There’s an easier way: the invisible circular cast-on.

This cast-on is very similar to the crochet magic ring, though you don’t need to know how to crochet for this one. The magic in this cast-on is that you knit around the yarn loop. When you reach the desired number of stitches you pull at the tail. Taadaa, the loop will close nicely and the cast-on is invisible. Great, isn’t it?

What kind of material do you need?

  • Working yarn
  • Knitting needle

How to work the invisible circular cast-on

  1. Forming the loop

    Make a loop, with the working yarn on top and going to the left. The tail is underneath and goes to the right.

  2. First stitch

    Bring the needle inside the loop, coming from the front to the back, grab the working yarn and pull it through.

  3. Second stitch

    Over the top of the loop, catch the working yarn (like a yarnover) to create the second stitch.

  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until you have the desired number of stitches.

  5. Transfer the stitches

    Transfer the stitches to a double-pointed needle or create a Magic Loop, if you work with a circular needle.

  6. Close the loop

    Tighten the cast-on loop by pulling the tail.
    The hole tends to work itself open as you knit. You can tighten it again when you’ve completed your project and then secure it by weaving in the end.

Example for the cast-on

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